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The Witching Hour

Aug 7, 2019

It's the first episode!!! 

This week I sat down with the lovely and hilarious Emily Brooks, founder of the worldwide gift card and stationery company Emily Brooks UK. 

I really loved recording this episode, we chatted about so many different topics including losing your identity as a mum, having the courage to change your life and start a business, how colour can impact your life, how to use Instagram stories in an authentic way and what success means to Emily.

What was particularly insightful was Emily's advice on writing and sending out cold pitches via email to potential stockists (this same info would also apply to pitching anything... articles, ideas, events, services).

The book on motherhood and identity we mentioned was "lost in motherhood" by Grace Timothy.

As mentioned at the end of the episode you can find Emily on Instagram @emilybrooksuk or

If you'd like to join over 650 other female founders who have put their names down on our waitlist (in a bid to sign up to our membership featuring 500+ self-identifying female in business and freelancers in 9+ countries) when we let in new members on the 1st October 2019... you can do so here

Lastly, you can find us on Instagram @thecovengirlgang

Enjoy the episode!